Robert R. Davila Award of Merit

Robert R. Davila Award of Merit

An award to recognize meritorious contributions to the field of deafness. Points of consideration are awarded to:

A.  Persons in the field of academic or vocational education of the deaf who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. influenced change in the profession of education of the deaf,
  2. made a contribution toward research pertinent to the field,
  3. shown excellence in administrative services to the field,
  4. served CEASD, including but not limited to service on committees and on the Executive Board, and
  5. made a contribution with political or public relations implications.

B. Persons outside of the field of education of the deaf who have:

  1. influenced significant legislation that has made a contribution to improved services for the deaf, or
  2. made contributions that have had national impact in bringing about improvements in the field of deafness.


1) The National Office will send out the Call for Nominations in the Newsletter, or in a separate mailing and with the convention registration materials annually along with the notice that these nominations must be made to the Honors and Awards Committee.
2) Nominations will be received by the Committee annually for presentation at the regular meeting.
3) The person making the nomination must submit name, address, present position, academic and professional background of the nominee and state in 200 words or fewer the reason for the nomination.
4) The Honors and Awards Committee will submit a recommendation to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Generally one Award of Merit will be presented annually. It may be the decision of the Committee to recommend no award be presented.
Award will be presented at regular meeting of CEASD.

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