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Assistant Principal

Louisiana School for the Deaf
City: Baton Rouge
State: LA
School Website URL: http://www.lalsd.org
Reports To (Position Title): Principal
Salary Range: $56,644 - $81,106 (depends on experience and qualifications)
Position Start Date: As soon as possible
Position Description: This position is an 11 month position, in the Middle School department. The assistant principal is responsible for assisting the Principal, LSD in the effective management and operation of programs, personnel, materials, and facilities in order to develop an optimum learning climate for the unique needs of the assigned school program through planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating functions of the overall management and leadership of the school. He/she shall assist in providing an educational program, which is responsive to student needs and one that addresses the goals and objectives of the school within the financial limitations of the schools budget. VISION • Works collaboratively with the school community to develop and maintain a shared school vision • Brings the school vision to life by using it to guide decision making about students and the instructional program • Maintains faculty focus on developing learning experiences that will enable students to prosper in subsequent grades and as adults • Maintains open communication with the school community and effectively conveys high expectations for student learning to the community • Assists in providing opportunities and support for collaboration, the exchange of ideas, experimentation with innovative teaching strategies, and ongoing school improvement • Assists in monitoring, assessing, and revising the school vision and goals as needed • Fosters the integration of students into mainstream society while valuing diversity TEACHING AND LEARNING • Recognizes, models, and promotes effective teaching strategies that enable students to apply what they learn to real world experiences • Encourages and supports the use of both innovative and research-based teaching strategies to engage students actively in solving complex problems and methods of student assessment which will enhance learning for all students • Conducts frequent classroom visits and periodic observations; provides constructive feedback to faculty and staff; and suggests models of effective teaching techniques when needed • Fosters a caring, growth-oriented environment for faculty and students, one in which high expectations and high standards for student achievement are emphasized • Promotes collaboration and team building among faculty FOR COMPLETE JOB DESCRIPTION, GO TO www.jobs.la.gov
Application Procedure: Applications must be submitted online at www.jobs.la.gov (reference LSDVI2017-72)
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