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Louisiana School for the Deaf
City: Baton Rouge
State: LA
School Website URL: http://www.lalsd.org
Reports To (Position Title): Principal
Salary Range: Depends on Qualifications
Position Start Date: As soon as possible
Position Description: I. Program Management Responsibilities • Implements school system policies and school philosophy and programs. • Exhibits knowledge of special education rules and regulations associated with implementation of state and federal laws. • Exhibits understanding of handicapped children and their needs, especially the hearing and visually impaired children served by the schools. • Demonstrates appropriate and effective office management skills such as planning, organizing and implementing. • Exercises good judgment in making decisions. • Maintains complete and accurate records and exercises confidentiality of information in accordance with requirements of the law. • Applies knowledge and skills of supervision to programs and personnel demonstrating appropriate and effective interpersonal skills. • Maintains a positive relationship with professional associates, the community, the parents of the students and state and local agencies. • Exhibits understanding of disabled children and their needs and demonstrates awareness of specialists, agencies, and organizations that serve disabled children and their families. • Participates in literacy content area training and coaching focused on high quality literacy content area planning instruction and assessment. • Analyze grade, class and individual student academic and behavior data for the purpose of increase student achievement and make informed decisions related to instructional practices. • Demonstrates appropriate and effective student management. • Review and evaluate student achievement information in order to place students in appropriate academic or behavioral intervention and support services. • As an intervention team analyze district assessment data to understand students’ needs in order to select and recommend evidence-based instructional interventions to implement. • Serve as part of a team that assist classroom teachers in understanding and completing more in depth assessments in order to identify specific deficits/needs of a specific student or a group of students. • Use systematic and valid data collection procedures to measure effectiveness of their own services in order to evaluate the impact on student achievement. • Provide professional development opportunities in universal best practices and interventions for learning and behavior to school staff. • Maintains a positive relationship with parents, community, included the deaf community and professional. • Participates in school sponsored activities. II. Programmatic Responsibilities • Works with individual instructors to ensure that all are using approved State curricula in all subject areas. • Works with students individually and in groups to teach and assist students in the development of reading content area strategies and literacy content area habits and skills. • Develops supplemental instruction for identified students. • Collaborate with other teachers for the purpose of increasing student achievement by ensuring core instructional best practices are implemented with fidelity and staff are differentiating instruction to meet the needs to students. • Utilize protocols to ensure that interventions have been implemented with fidelity • Works closely with classroom teacher to coordinate small group and one-on-one instruction. • Provides assistance and information to classroom teachers to enhance instructional techniques. • Facilitate effective instruction that meets the individual needs of diverse learners by consulting with staff on individualized instruction, managing classroom behavior, monitoring student progress, evaluating classroom data and adjusting intervention and instructional strategies to make content accessible to every student. • Mentor and coach staff for the purpose of building capacity to teach academic and behavioral skills in order to improve academic and behavior instruction at the schools. • Maintains and uses records on student data and contact with staff. • Effectively communicate, collaborate and consult with staff, administrators and families on promoting positive peer relationship’s and social problem solving, school wide positive behavior systems, interventions, supports and programs to promote student wellness and reduce barriers to learning. III. Professional Conduct • Demonstrates reliability and punctuality in attendance and in meeting obligations. • Exhibits professional ethics. • Exhibits initiative and recognizes and follows established communication channels. • Exhibits a willingness to accept and use suggestions for improvement. • Uses time effectively. • May be required to develop and implement a Professional Growth Plan in consultation with the designated supervisor. • May be required to complete a self-evaluation. • Maintains an appropriate student-adult relationship and respects the individual worth and dignity of each student.
Application Procedure: Apply at www.jobs.louisiana.gov - create account and apply to SCHOOL INTERVENTIONIST
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