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Principal Coordinator

Metro Deaf School
City: Saint Paul
State: MN
School Website URL: http://www.mdsmn.org
Reports To (Position Title): Executive Director
Salary Range: $65,000-$95,000
Position Start Date: August 2017
Position Description: Metro Deaf School Secondary Principal/Coordinator Position Description I. Job Summary Provide leadership and administrative oversight to licensed/non-licensed staff and students and families in the secondary education programs: middle school, high school, and transition programs. Works collaboratively with all stakeholders and always acts in the best interest of meeting the needs of the whole child. II. Duties and Responsibilities Provide leadership and oversee the daily operations of the secondary education programs at Metro Deaf School. Works collaboratively with the Primary Principal and the Executive Director as the administrative team for the school. Create daily schedules for the middle and high school staff and students. Oversee and schedule all state and district assessments for the middle and high school teams, including standards based assessments for some students. Oversee all language specialists (speech language therapists and ASL department) at Metro Deaf School Works with due process coordinators and oversees due process for all secondary level students. Facilitates communication among staff members, ensuring all information is shared/reported to each member. Serve as a curriculum and instructional leader for the secondary programs. Work in collaboration with the Executive Director on teacher evaluations in the secondary programs. Plans the agenda and conducts weekly Team meetings with assigned Team members. Collects parent attendance at Parent-Teacher Conferences (Fall and Spring) Responds to verbal/written concerns in the areas of competency, discipline, and communication. Implement student discipline policies and procedures for the secondary programs Participates in interviews as it relates to potential vacancies that need to be filled. Provides leadership and administrative oversight to paraprofessionals assigned to the secondary programs. Ensures all paraprofessionals on the team are evaluated in a timely manner – working with the Team Leaders to coordinate this assignment, working with teachers to set dates for when the evaluations are due; duties include distributing forms and collecting them, explaining the process to new staff. Meeting with paraprofessionals to review their evaluations upon completion. Serve on the World’s Best Workforce committee for MDS. Serve on the transition advisory committee for MDS. Responsible to organize and publish Team newsletters (Grades 6-8 and 9-12); Team Leaders should ensure newsletters are proofed prior to submitting them to the principal and then publishing and sending newsletters home (translated into Spanish for families requiring it). Communicates in a timely manner with staff, students, and families regarding upcoming events to ensure everyone is aware of a scheduled event and to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts. Reviews all field trip requests from staff members and approves or denies these requests. Communicates all secondary level field trips with the Primary Principal. Ensures there is coverage in the classroom where a staff member is absent and communicate with the sub. Oversees teachers’ “Sub Box,” ensuring materials are easily accessible, applicable to the level of students, plentiful yet meaningful and replenished periodically. Maintains open communication with all staff members. Attends teen nights, high school and middle school camping trips, and PTG meetings. Attend MDS board meetings as requested. Coordinate two secondary level family education nights. Is aware of conflicts (staff, schedules, students) as they arise and works to ensure they are resolved and communicate these issues with all involved. Maintains a positive attitude with all staff, students, and families. Communicates with all essential support staff (OT, PT, Vision, SLP, Social Worker) to ensure they are also kept “in the loop” regarding schedule changes, field trips, meetings, etc. Communicates concerns or general information, as it relates to the school, in a timely manner with the administrative team. Remains a confidential employee with regards to personnel/and or student matters. Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director. III. Job Outcome Maintain a positive attitude and style in dealing with others in a manner that contributes to the overall public relations of Metro Deaf School. Maintain a positive and professional educational environment at all times. Educate students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, physically and socially. Demonstrate commitment to and support for the vision and mission of the District. Provide a safe and more effective learning environment for all students. Updated 03/2017
Benefits: Yes
Application Procedure: http://mdsmn.org/Information/employment/
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